Ahmed Baahy Suhail (0333925)
Motion Graphics and Compositing
Project 4



For our project 4, we were given complete creative freedom. I find that since I have been so used to strictly following briefs for the majority of my education life, when I am given the freedom I start to feel lost and face an art-block. Due to this, I got my idea very last minute. I was scrolling through youtube just a couple minutes before our first consultation for this project, when I came across "The Great Dictator Speech" by Charlie Chaplin. It was a very strong and impactful speech, that makes it an iconic part of history. I feel that this speech is very relevant to today's times, especially in 2020, where there have been so many conflicts, challenges, and surprises. 

I consulted with Mr. Fauzi during class and he said that this would be a promising topic to work on. He was surprised to hear Charlie Chaplin speak so it was nice to see his reaction when I played him the video. 

Here are my slides/ proposal for project 4. 

I then went on to work on my project using Adobe After Effects. Here are some screenshots of my process.

Here is my draft 1.

Here is my draft 2.

Here is the final outcome of my project 4.


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